Welcome to the Cyclab!

The CycleopsThe Cyclab will be having an open house during open hours 1-5pm on Sunday April 13th. Come out to meet the mechanics and learn about how to get involved! There will be food and refreshments.

The Cyclab is Princeton University’s very own bicycle cooperative. We are a D.I.Y. community repair shop, where everyone has access to the tools, the space, and the knowledge necessary for bicycle maintenance. The Cyclab is staffed by volunteer mechanics who are available to assist anyone with their repairs. Whether you’re an expert in the shop or you’ve never before held a wrench, this place is for you!

The Cyclab’s main mission is to empower the Princeton cycling comminity by providing hands-on education about bicycle repair and maintenance. We don’t rent or sell bikes, but we will always help you repair what you bring to the shop! In addition, the Cyclab aims to serve as a forum for the promotion of eco-conscious modes of transportation, exercise, and fun. We host bike-related events, including workshops, classes, and group rides. In short, the Cyclab is Princeton’s hub for all things bicycle!

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