Q: How does Cyclab work?

A: Cyclab doesn’t work, you do!

Q: What is the Cyclab?

A: Cyclab is a bike kitchen and a (loosely defined) co-op. We are a DIY-centered space! Show up during our open hours with (a) your bike, (b) having done a pit of poking around, and (c) a readiness to get your hands dirty and fix your bike.

Q: Okay, what should I do if my bike’s broke?

A: “Poking around” can mean a variety of things, but the expectation is you have tried to diagnose what’s making that noise or why the wheels won’t turn. Googling keywords is always a good start. Here’s a quick intro guide and also a cheat sheet.

Q: Who can help?

A: Mechanics are also around to help troubleshoot and answer questions. It’s important to remember that none of us are professionals; bike repair is a profession that requires training and costs money. We happily share knowledge accumulated from repair practice but are not experts. Cyclab is free on the condition that you will fix your own bike. That means sometimes a job is too big, even with a Cyclab mechanic helping out. We will turn away projects that risk damaging your bike or might make your bike unsafe to ride.

Wrench at your own risk!